Event Calendar

Events for the 2013-2014 year at Grindstone

October 15th  - All Pro Dad Breakfast, 7:45-8:45am

October 26th -Scavenger Hike, 10:30am, Rocky River Nature Center

November 8th (Friday) – APD Father and Kid Night , 6:30-8:30pm

December 10th (Tuesday) – All Pro Dad Breakfast, 7:45-8:45am

January 4th (Saturday) – Moonrock Bowling at Fairview Lanes, 3-5pm

February 4th (Tuesday) – All Pro Dad Breakfast, 7:45-8:45am

March 14th (Friday) - Daddy-Daughter Dance

March 23rd (Sunday) – Lake Erie Monsters Game, 3pm (stay tuned for more details)

April 15th - All Pro Dad Breakfast, 7:45-8:45am

May 6th - All Pro Dad Breakfast, 7:45-8:45am

May 17th – BIG EVENT more info coming soon!

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